• Pheasant Thighs
    We don’t seem to have as many as usual this year, but they will be on offer until the end of March or while stocks last.
  • Pigeon Breasts
    There have been lots of pigeons around and our pigeon shooters have been busy controlling them…..so we have quite a few in stock! They’re easy to cook and quite delicious. Just £5.95 for 10 until the end of April
  • Olives
    Our olives are renowned, especially the large green Gordal! Until Easter we will be reducing the price by 20%! Stock up now!
  • Canapé Cases
    Another favourite. These come in packs of 64 and we will be reducing the price from £4.50 to £3.60 also until Easter. They last for ever, so they too are a good buy.
  • Bendicks Bitter Mints 300g boxes
    Bendicks, in their wisdom, have discontinued the bargain kilo boxes. However, we will be putting the 300g boxes, the largest size they now do, on special offer at £8.50 until Easter or until our current stock is exhausted.
  • Dried Pastas
    We have a really good new range of pastas. Spaghetti, Linguine, Tagliatelle Nests, Tagliatelle, Orzo (rice shaped), Tonnarelli al nero di sepia (black squid ink pasta), Cannelloni, Gargarnelli, and Lasagne. 20% discount off all of our pastas until the end of April – so stock up now!