Spring 2019

The weather at the end of our winter and in to early Spring has been typically British – a complete mixed bag! The early flowers have done very well. Snowdrops and crocuses were wonderful this year as were/are the magnolias. Primroses have been out for some time and some early bluebells and cowslips are already out. Quite a few trees and bushes are sprouting pale green leaves. The amazingly warm weather at the end of February allowed some people to give there lawns a first haircut, but then most of March was gloomy and wet until last weekend when the ground became dry enough to give the grass another cut. Fingers crossed for a good, warm spring and a lovely hot summer like last year!

Trencherman’s Home-cooked Meals

These are ever popular and we are always amazed at how they fly out. Our apologies for the lack of choice after Christmas, but we were all but wiped out and have only just about got back on an even keel. We have a choice of about 10 meals at the moment and are making more each week. The latest ones to be made were a Guinea Fowl in a Cider and Calvados sauce, a Crab Fettucine and a Vegan Nut Roast.

A Feast of Game!

Game is not only very good for one, being free range and very low on fat, but it is increasingly plentiful. We have good stocks of most things, so clear a corner of your freezer and stock up at these bargain prices!

Pigeon Breasts

There have been lots of pigeons around and our pigeon shooters have been busy controlling them… so we have quite a few in stock! They’re easy to cook and quite delicious. Down from £6.95 to just £4.95 for 10 while stocks last.

Pheasant Breasts

The offer is a bit late appearing this year, but we have quite good stocks of Pheasant breasts at £2.95 a pack of 4, down from £4.95.

Pheasant Thighs

These have no sinews so are great for casseroling. Usually £3.95 per pack of 8, these are on offer for £2.95 per pack.


Down from £3.95 a bird to £2.95 a bird.


Our olives are renowned, especially the large green Gordal! We have Manzanilla (like a baby Baby Gordal) on offer and we will be offering them at half price!

Canapé Cases

Another favourite. These come in packs of 64 and we will be reducing the price from £4.50 to £3.60 also until Easter. They last for ever, so they too are a good buy.

Dried Fettucine Pasta

We have a really good range of pastas: Spaghetti, Linguine, Tagliatelle Nests, Tagliatelle, Orzo (rice shaped), Tonnarelli al nero di sepia (black squid ink pasta), Cannelloni, Gargarnelli, and Lasagne. We seem to have a glut of Fettucine so that is on offer at 20% discount.

Steve & Ethne